>> NOVEMBER 15 - DECEMBER 20  |   2008

Group Exhibition with Monika Thiele, KEHL, Stefanie Schneider

Vernissage November 15  /  18.30 - 20.30
speech by Regina M. Fischer M.A., Kunsthistorikerin Pforzheim


opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 14.00 - 19.00, Saturday 12.00 - 16.00 and upon
appointment. Ebertstrasse 14. 76137 Karlsruhe. phone / fax: ++49-721-5695577


>> SEPTEMBER 20 - NOVEMBER 1  |   2008



Vernissage Friday 19  /  19.30 - 22.30
c.art-Galerie, Dornbirn, Austria
Marktstraße 45 | 6851 Dornbirn
Tue-Fri 9-12 am & 3-6 pm | Sat 10-12 am


>> JULY - SEPTEMBER  |   2008


Zu den Salzburger Sommerfestspielen lieferte Stefanie Schneider Motive aus der Serie „Sidewinder“ als Bildvorlagen für das Festspielplakat und das Programmheft, um hiermit das Motto der Festspiele „Denn stark wie die Liebe ist der Tod“ zu  veranschaulichen. Dies ist Anlass für die Galerie Robert Drees, ab 16. Juli eine Ausstellung in Salzburg in der Galerie am Mozartplatz durchzuführen. In Kooperation mit den Salzburger Festspielen und dem Kulturamt der Stadt Salzburg zeigen wir dort bis zum 29. August einige Werkgruppen von Stefanie Schneider.


>> MAY 4 - APRIL 30   |   2008  

Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover

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by Gusztáv Hámos, 04. April 2008
Zur Einführung Stefanie Schneiders Ausstellung „Sidewinder“


>> FEBRUARY 12 - MARCH 15  |   2008

29 palms, ca
first viewing 01 / 08

opening reception february 11 18.00 h - 22.00 h
GALERIE SPESSHARDT & KLEIN, 10969 BERLIN (kochstrasse 55 - 58)
for information please contact: info@twentyninepalms.ca

also note: 29 Palms, CA @ the atrium
filmhaus potsdamer strasse 2 selected by BERLINALE / FORUM
february 7 - february 17 2008

udo kierpress text

29 Palms, CA is a project positioned between film and art. In this project the German photo artist, Stefanie Schneider, explores and documents the dreams and fantasies of a group of people living in a trailer park community in the California desert.

An essential part of this project is the artistic, conceptual and filmic collaboration between actors, musicians, photo artists, directors etc. Udo kier is not only a performer, but also a producer. Marc Forster is responsible for directing the dialogues, and special effects in the post production. Radha Mitchell is writing the script. Sophie Huber, Max Sharam, Daisy McCrackin, JD Rudometkin, Zoe Bicat and Camille Waldorf are all writing the music, developing their characters and acting as performers. All participants are developing and acting out their characters. Steve Marshall is a performer as well as the DJ of the “Lonely Hearts Radio Show”. Sabine Dehnel will build the DJ booth of the radio station as a model, which will then be emulated as the DJ room for the film.

The vision of a feature-length film is just as important in this as all the single, small stages or fragments, which are necessary for this film: Just as life and the circumstances of our social reality, the project 29 Palms, CA is in a state of constant change and development. The film is a biography and a social commentary, whose characters act as the alter egos of those individuals who portray them. In the course of the art project the different performers have contributed ideas, stories, scenes, monologues, poems, music and films, so that the basic principle of the concept, namely a collaboration of different perspectives and the pooling of different fragments and depictions, bestows a lively rhythm upon the film. Each character will introduce his or her character in the form of a fictional or semi-fictional diary on the website, which was specially developed for this project. The website hereby plays the role of an independent world from which the film project and the radio show emerge. The characters take influence on what will be seen in the film through their descriptions. Through the radio show connections between the individual performers will be established.

The whole film is generated from Polaroid pictures, which Stefanie Schneider is editing into the film. The fact that the films are expired leads to the surreal distortions and colorings. The pictures appear fleeting and taut, blurry. Stefanie Schneider paints with her Polaroid films. She clearly alludes to the ambivalence between imagination and portrayal, between fiction and reality, and leaves it to the viewer to form his/her own picture, to remain in a surreal or real space. The motive of the desert also supports the dichotomy between imagination and reality, at any moment breaking the clearness of a definite ascription, which is definitely not found in her work. All the more clear it becomes that the characters are living in their own lost world, but that life itself can change their perspective on their world. The place in which the performers of 29 Palms, CA are living, is more an idea or a reflection of a place than a place per definition itself. The light and the desert landscape are painting an imaginary reality, which the characters find themselves exposed to. Memories, fantasies and reality merge.

The project can be seen at the Berlinale / Forum in the Atrium of the Gossip Bar (Filmhaus Potsdamer Platz) and the gallery Spesshardt & Klein. For the first time the complexity of this grand art project, which positioned between film and fine arts, as well as a link or interface in between various media, will be exhibited.

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