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Premiere, Record Release, Concert Daisy McCrackin /

Babylon, Berlin, Germany

Premiere December 10  / 21.15h
Rosa-Luxemburg Platz 30 | 10178 BERLIN
U-Bahn: Rosa-Luxemburg Platz
S-Bahn: Alexanderplatz

till death prmeiere

A project by Stefanie Schneider, camera Stefanie Schneider, music Daisy McCrackin, Sophie Huber, Zoê Bîcat, editing Stefanie Schneider, with Austen Tate (Margarita), Daisy McCrackin (Cristal), written by Austen Tate, Daisy McCrackin, Stefanie Schneider, sound editing: Sophie Huber, produced by MICA Film, Berlin, Caroline Haertel und Mirjana Momirovic, supported by "Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg" and "ARTE".

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"Till death do us part", an episode of the "29 Palms, CA" project. A film shot on Polaroid stills combined with Super 8 film sequences.

Till Death Do Us Part is the story of two young lovers, lonely souls escaping the abuse of reality into each other. Imagine a stranger suddenly in your path, you can just be silent with, and you feel you have known her forever. This is the experience of Cristal (Daisy McCrackin) and Margarita (Austen Tate), that begins when Cristal picks her up hitchhiking on a lonely dessert road. A runaway from a cruel older brother and a broken family, Margarita is searching on the edge of the shadows for a home. Cristal was also a lonely child and already dangerously close to vanishing when she finds Margarita. For her it is the begging of life. When she finds Margarita, she finds herself, she feels for the first time and discovers that she is not invisible after all.

The childlike, roadside life they make together is a dream that they truly believe will last forever, and with the naive joy of beginners, they dive in, never sensing danger. When two lost souls become one and share everything, do they loose themselves further or do they become whole at last? When a girl has no home, no anchor, can she combine thrive with another? Once a human heart wakes up from isolation for the first time, enchanted by a reflection in love's mirror, can the dreamer fall asleep again, or must she wander searching to find it again forever? 

An artistic triumph for Schneider, this piece floats deeper into her exploration of the colors of the human psyche, separation, relationship, androgyny and the fringes of social reality.

The Californian desert light and the vintage colours of Polaroid create a unforgetable atmosphere in the abandoned trailer park.

Austen Tate gives Margarita her voice in poetry and Daisy McCrackin gives Cristal her sound in music.

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Austen Tate gives Margarita her voice in poetry and Daisy McCracking gives Cristal her voice in music. For the first time in Germany we proudly present Daisy McCrackin life in concert.


Daisy McCrackin creates Cristal, the gender confused, love hungry, desert born waif. She is a musician, singer-songwriter, actress and political activist. She is known to be a powerful muse. She also paints and more than one established painter has said of her, "No one can paint faces like Daisy".

Daisy was born in San Francisco and survived the earthquake of 1989. Raised by a single, working mother in the shared company of her three brothers, she excelled at athletics and the arts early on. At 8 years old she earned a scholarship to study with The American Conservatory Theater, where she performed onstage in numerous productions. While Daisy attended the prestigious School of the Arts High School, she nabbed her GED at 16 and headed up to Northern California to live on an ashram and immerse herself in her spiritual studies. It was at the ashram that Daisy heard a friend sing a Leonard Cohen song, and was inspired to pick up the guitar and teach herself to play.

It wasn't long before Daisy made her way to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, all the while playing guitar, writing songs, and singing herself awake in the mornings, and back to sleep again at night, never imagining she would one day share her music with anyone, let alone the world. While she quickly achieved success as a fresh-faced young starlet, booking coveted roles in feature films, television and commercials, she soon sunk into the vacuous void of artistic starvation. Longing for creative freedom and a more expansive method of expression, Daisy ditched her acting career and took to the road. She spent a year abroad, writing her way through Europe, reconnecting with herself as an artist and a lyricist, and pondering what kind of career to pursue next. 

Back in Los Angeles, Daisy moved to the fabled Rodeo Grounds arts collective in Topanga Canyon, where she bathed in the deep and salty waters of authentic expression daily. Inspired by the eclectic community of artists living by the beach, serving as a muse and creating by the moment, Daisy took up painting, and continued to labor at the guitar. Immersed in a supportive environment that encouraged her artistic exploration, Daisy wrote songs and improvised instant ballads 'round the famed campfire, holding her fellow creatives captive while dazzling them with hilarious impromptu outpourings of quirky lyrics, sung to sweet, simple melodies. Still too shy to share her "serious" songs, Daisy stuck to modeling by day, and making her cohorts laugh by night. Finally, after an intense  song-writing jag Daisy sang a somber, personal song to a close friend who advised her to quit her day job and dedicate herself full-time to music.  She played her first live show in 2006, and was dubbed "an instant rock star" in an LA Weekly review, which reported that Daisy "stole the show."

Daisy's melodies are unique, potent and penetrating. There is a sweetness in the simplicity of her songs, in the vulnerable sincerity of her delivery, and in the ever-so-perfectly placed moments of profound lyrical prowess that cut straight to the heart and the soul and the spirit.

Daisy recorded thirteen live, acoustic songs for frequent collaborator, filmmaker Stefanie Schneider's feature film, "29 Palms."  The soundtrack, "Till Death Do Us Part," marks Daisy's first musical release, and is available on CD and as a collector's piece in vinyl in Germany.

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Margarita has been developed, played and written by Austen Tate.

Austen Tate is an actress, journalist, and Holistic Health Practitioner. An artist at heart and mystic in spirit some of her goals in life are to inspire artists, help people and the earth heal, transcend spiritual life, awaken universal knowledge, and bring all of creation into balance. Incorporating these daily reminders into her own life, through this vision, she directs herself to work on developing her theatrical attributes, poetry, paintings, script writing, yoga practice, and healing work.

Austen draws upon her innate experiences in her work from growing up with family and community in the Los Angeles film industry, art world, news network, and ecoconscious societies. Her first commercial was at age 5 followed by modeling and then short films. Some of her acting mentors include Jaid Barrymore, Dennis Levalle, and Ralph Peduto. At an early age she left home to live in the mists of Topanga Canyon with the infamous Rodeo Grounds crew, an anarchist stomping ground, where she learned to open the gates to artistic expression. While living in Malibu, Austen took on journalism for The Malibu Times and Malibu Magazine writing news brief's and articles concerning art, fashion, film, and environmental issues.

When the Rodeo Grounds was shut down by the State Park she ventured off to San Diego where she was introduced to live food chefing, natural health and Native American spirituality. By attending Native American ceremonies and seeing an holistic approach, she then went on to educate herself at Heartwood Institute. In the mountains of Northern California, Austen lived in a sustainable healing arts community practicing meditation, movement therapy, whole foods cooking, and bodywork.

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